Silent Honor



I understand that this book is unbelievably old and my review is years late. But either way im gonna say what i have to say. I have read Ms. Steels books and what i can say is that she has captivated me throughout the years.

The book is about a very traditional Japanese family how they sent their only daughter to America to start her education and how her life changes from then on. The author has brought out the traditions and beliefs of the Japanese families very well. I applaud her for her extensive research on the subject.

Lets start with the aspects that i believed worked for this book. The Book was well researched before she wrote it. She definitely brought out the true horrific details of the cruelties aimed at Japanese people during the war. For that i applaud her. In terms of the story line, keeping aside the fact of the camps and the bitter journey the Tanaka family goes through, all i have to say is i believe the love story portrayed is truly unimaginative. Peter a man of substance falling in love with a girl in a matter of minutes was just a disappointment. The fact that Tad loved Hiroko from the very beginning and suddenly as soon as he knows sally likes him his all up to get married to Sally. The ending i thought was just an attempt to finish the book off quickly. Hiroko goes to Japan looking for her parents and mind you all this time its pretty obvious that all hope for her husband is over but suddenly he shows up. There’s no surprise in his face when he finds out that he has a son.. just a question or two.. i just felt throughout the latter stages of the book it turned out to be a big disappointment to me.


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