The Ice Cream Maker


Ice cream maker

“The better you treat your employees, the better they treat your customers”

Day by day we realize that the world is changing. From the day we stepped into the 21st century, the way we saw things, people, places, and businesses has changed. This book is a sole representative of just that fact. Mr. Chowdhury has brought in the most important aspect to many organizations today. “People”.

The book is a simple story of a man who tries more than anyone in his organization to bring back the momentum and quality, and in return save the jobs of his and thousand others. The element he focuses on is their customers.

Peter was a simple Plant manager at Dairy Cream. When sales was going down tremendously, he was given the ultimatum of getting it back into track soon or close down the entire plant. Realizing that the latter was not a good choice, especially for the fact that he would lose his job too, he took a different turn and got advice from one of his friends who always rejected his ice creams to be in their stores.

The book goes through the changes that peter implements through out the organization after countless sessions with his friend, who advices him that “Quality” and “Customer service” is everything when it comes to selling your products and keeping your customers happy. We see a great portrayal of how small companies with humble beginnings emerge amidst the overruling competition in the industry.

“Great companies are built on a thousand great ideas. To get the best ideas you have to ask your employees.”

It’s a great book on how Peter changed the entire thinking and the creativity of the organization just by doing the most key things most organizations lack. Listening to your employees and customers. He realized that he needed to get the best from his employees and for that he needed to keep them satisfied. In turn they managed to produce the best ice cream that their customers wanted and loved. I would recommend this book to any organization, because it will show you exactly what you need to change in your business.

“The real measure of performance is not how you do at your best, but how you do at your worse.”


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