Unconditional Love



I once got an email from a friend which made me realize how true it was.

“Put your dog and your wife or Husband in the trunk of your car for an hour. When you open it, which one is really happy to see you?”

In most cases this is a very true remark to make. If all of you are dog lovers as well as i am then you will realize that what i am saying is true. Our dogs are the only creatures who will love us unconditionally and respect us no matter what we do to them. Their entire goal in life is to protect us. As mentioned before dogs are the most noble, loyal, selfless, and courageous animals, and so many other positive adjectives we can use to describe them that it would be an endless list. These incredible animals in most cases, have even sacrificed themselves to save us.

In my honest opinion i believe that there is no human in this world who will love us the way our pets do. Just the sheer look in their faces when they see us is proof enough as to their undying love for us. I have a Labrador retriever and her name is princess. Shes the love of my life and my entire family’s. We adore her. She is pretty much treated like a princess herself.

Dogs and other animals tell us they trust us by their actions their willingness to allow us to do just about anything to them. Remember this when you interact with our animal companions. They trust us unconditionally, and it’s a malicious double-cross to betray their deep feelings of trust in our having their best interests in mind. Remember also that in most cases they’ll joyfully prance back for more of what we dish out, always expecting that we really do have their best interests in mind. They’re that trusting and confident.


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