Transformers 2- Revenge of the fallen



Here i go. My first movie review. I know its quite late but yesterday i went and watched the latest Transformers movie. Being a big fan of the entire franchise all i can say is that it was the BEST MOVIE EVER!!! I know i sound like a kid here but that movie sure as hell rocked it. The number of autobots and decepticons had just increased immensely with a whole new level of fighting in the picture. If you thought the first movie had killer fighting scenes then you havent seen nothing yet. From the beginning till the end its just the bots bashing each other, and anyway who wants to see anything else?

There was a hilarious twist into this movie with a few chosen autobots being hilarious funny guys and there was one minicon who megan fox took a liking for who was simply the funny man of the show. The movie is based on the usual from the first movie with the decepticons looking for the information hidden in the all spark yet again and this time that information is inside our very own hero Mr. Sam witwicky.

I dont want to spoil it for all you who havent seen the movie so i wont anything else… and just a hint… i have never seen a bunch of beautiful exotric women as i have seen in this movie. And theres a very interesting decepticon all you males would love 🙂

Dont go to read those whacked out stupid reviews from people like Robert Ebert as its pretty obvious noise and action is not his thing and his just insulting the movie coz he couldnt understand it very much 🙂 so ignore the poor soul and ENJOY THE MOVIE.


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  1. If there is anything negative to say about this movie it would be the fact that there were a bit too many bots running around. and did anyone notice how easily they were killed this time around ? as to how hard it was to even scratch them last time :S

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