Celebrities – Self sabotage




We always sit and wonder why it is that the celebrities we loved from the very beginning always manage to ruin their image by the most minute things in life. Sometimes you think to your self if they really know what their doing or are they even conscious about their image.


Take for example Lindsay Lohan. This is a girl who came into hollywood as an actress. We all loved her in the beginning anf she was a fantastic human being. She later ventured into music and her own state of the line business. Right now i detest Lindsay because sometimes it seems like she just acts really stupid and blond just to be in the lime light and get thepaparazzi rolling over her. Shes a confused human being. She was straight, then BI, then a lesbian and now straight again? oh no wait shes back to being BI? Oh lets not forget the countless DUI charges as well as being in prison. And shes only 23. Only thing she hasnt done is had a kid yet.. but heaven forbid by the looks at the way shes proceeding i think thats just a little while away. http://www.tmz.com/category/lindsay-lohan/

There are so many publisc figures who self sabotage themselves that it amazes me as to why? Is it because they have so much of money that they dont know what to do with it and the only thing they could think of is to do drugs? Is everyone in hollywood that narrow minded? It is quite sad when you think about it. Specially when we all followed the drama surrounding prople like Britney Spears, Tara Reid, Hiltons, Paul macartney and in my honest opinion i see Miley cyrus being the next one.


Well firstly she came into the scene with her movie Hanah montana and then everyone for some reason because she is Billey cyrus’s daughter was under the common misconception that she could sing. I have heard that guirl sing and she cannot. I believe acting is her forte. Her voice has absolutely no tune what so ever. Shes a sad pathetic excuse for a singer and she honestly needs to pull her act together soon before the idiots who keep actually giving her the record deals realizes shes a lost cause.

All in all i also believe that you have to blame the parents for their kids behavious in the end. Look at Lindsay Lohans mother. Shes soo engrossed in publicizing her own fame that she fails to see how miserable and horrible her daughter is. I think that mother and daughter both alike needs to get a good slap in the face. Well thats my firm belief.


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