Why women cry.



There’s a common joke that goes around all the time. Why is it that most of the things that give women pain and agony start with the word MEN. 🙂 i personnaly dont believe that men are all that bad but they do have a telent in annoying us women. Women are complicated creatures. But they are the greatest. They are the mothers, sisters, daughters, friends that anyone can count on.

You probably think we are too emotional or that we nag too much, we gossip too much.. but do you also notice that we love you as much as we do? Do you ever regard a woman for her undying love and commitment to you? For being the mother of your children? The woman who gave birth to you? or the woman who taught you?. Have you once sat and thought that you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your mother.. or that without your wife or girl friend being there to support you, you wouldn’t have had the courage to make it this far.

Women have the natural ability to stay loving and caring. Men can make an effort to be as caring but they usually fail. We dont cry because we are emotionally imbalanced. We cry because sometimes thats all we can do. We give our love, our commitment and our everything to you but most of the time we are disregarded. But no matter what happens our undying love for you will never fade.

Life is all about different, unpredictable twists and turns that takes us by surprise, and sometimes it helps us get away from it all by expressing our emotions to ourselves. Women are extraordinary creatures. Who else will sit at home and stay awake while you go out and have fun with your friends.. (who inturn turn out to be women too) and still have a great meal ready for you and forgive all your mistakes. Who would still be there for you no matter how much you hurt her just so that you can please all your friends. Who would support you eventhough she was the last person you ever thought of when you made all your plans for the weekends and left her home all alone? Whos is the only person who doesnt expect something in return from you and always wishes the best for you? We may say something but we still forgive you and take you back. Women are great creatures, unique people who share their undying love with no one but you.

Why do we cry? because with all the heartache you give us sometimes thats all we can do to make our selves feel good.


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  1. “i personnaly dont believe that men are all that bad but they do have a telent in annoying us women.”

    …all that bad? grrrr!

    FYI women can annoy men equally well my dear!


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