They summon me to the courtyard

with their harsh tones and judging eyes

i wonder what would befall us

as i look into my babies smile

I walk onto the laden stage

tightening my grasp around the bundle

sleeping on my bosom

I see their stares,

their spiteful smiles

their pointing fingers and

gleaming eyes.

George are you there?

Are you going to let us die?

My eyes wander the crowd

and a tear sparkles in my eye.

I see you george

Staring right at me

Hiding within the crowd.

Do you not care?

Why do you not dare

to tell them that he is your son?

The minister screams my sins..

But aren’t you to blame too George?

Is it right for them to judge me

Is it right for them to kill me?

with the babe in my arms?

I see them pick out their stones

Is this how it all ends?

I remember the days that i spent with you

the happiness we brought to one another

and then i see you…..

bending down to choose your stone

with tears in your eyes

and i know immediately

that you will be the first person

to strike me as you have

abandoned us.

I close my eyes and wait for the darkness

hoping the gods will spare my child

for then i become….

the fallen.


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