Great book giveaways



I love books. Since i am new to this whole writing thing i haven’t seemed to have the time to sit and go through most of my fellow bloggers blogs 🙂 If that makes any sense what so ever. Today for some reason, i dont kno how but i found the time to wander around the entire blog sphere. There’s still so many sites i just want to check out but its gonna take me ages. For all you book lovers out there,who are just oblivious of the fact that there are some great book giveaway’s out there.. i thought ill add in all the links of some great sites that have all kinds of book giveaways. Hope some of you guys like it. – She has a tough competition going on and its great if everyone can try out 🙂 – Fantastic site. Check out the current give aways section on your left hand side. That will pretty much open lots of doors for you to a whole heap of sites. – I think the name says it all in this link. It has a dedicated post just for a number of great competitions. So check it out as well. While your at it check their reviews on some great books out there. – Huge list of great competitons. I think i need to join them too 🙂 – This ones hilarious… but great. The author has shared some great links for everyone to go through. Hope this helps all of you book lovers to get atleast one book 🙂


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