The Girl in the green scarf



I just finished watching confessions of a shopaholic. For most of you this might be old news but for me it was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t one of those regular chick flicks that we all watch and laugh a bit about and then role our eyes when it comes up in conversation. This is one of those movies that most people can relate to, and I am not just talking about young girls.. I am talking about women of all ages and this goes for all you men as well..

Rebecca Bloomwood is just like most of us. How many of us can walk past a store and not look in? smell the fabric and always visualize your self wearing those great shoes? I myself am a shopaholic. I have been in credit card debt for months. I have the tendency to walk into a store and buy just about 3 items and max out my card without even caring. When i watched confessions of a shopaholic it just hit something deep within me. I believe we could all relate to rebecca. Most of us who refuse to are in denial.

I myself am a shoe fanatic. Every time rebecca walked down the street with a new pair of heels my heart skipped a beat. I loved everything she wore. I just wanted to jump out of my bed and grab my credit card and dash into the nearest store and buy myself something. Didnt care what. Something.

The irony comes into play in the movie when she joins a reputed financial magazine as a journalist and tries to help the readers on their money issues. She turns out to be the person who helps everyone else out, but herself. Life does work in mysterious ways doesn’t it?

The best thing is when she was selling off her clothes i just wanted to be there. all those shoes…. but then i just had to slap myself back into reality and realize that i am still in debt. I am currently paying off my credit card bills and by next month I am Scot free…. just the thought of that invigorates me.

I think the movie is a great piece of work and i believe that everyone, young and old alike can relate to it. The girl in the green scarf is definitely someone you can learn from. I definitely did.


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