MidNight Blues


I havent been able to write about anything all these days because i have been so stressed out with my exams coming up. I havent been able to think of one single thing except for the impending doom thats about to visit me this Friday. Last night i managed to half finish my work (as you can see completing something fully was never my forte) and get some good rest. No matter how much i tried i just found it impossible to sleep. So i stayed up staring into my ceiling and just catching onto the little little memories that were flashing before my eyes.

I thought back to my good old days in school. When you really look at it how many of us can honestly say we are still in touch with our school mates? how many of us can say we actually liked them? 🙂 When i was in school.. i had a set of friends.. we were different thats all i can say. I obviously didnt like much of the people who were in my group of friends but i always had that attitude that i just didnt give a crap sometimes. The others in class always chose to call us the “posh ones” or the ones “who had it all” i never really understood who makes these distictions between people and like i said i just didnt care.

To this day my set of 5 friends dont know what went wrong with our class. We were then 5 people separated from the other 35. I dont remember anyone of us ever doing anything to any one of them. We were very friendly towards them but, i guess it was mine and a few others dont care attitude that got us kicked from the club. Frankly i dont care. I still try to fathom why my friend sarita is so worried about the fact that they dont invite her but i just dont care.

Im a strong believer that the friends you make in school last forever because you spend a good 13 years with them but im also a believer that shit happens and you need to grow up. It makes me laugh to think that most people in school thought that i would turn out to be the wasted bad penny, but its funny to see that everyone else who judged me turned out to be it and not me. The place i am in right now is great. I have a great bunch of friends and loved ones. If i meet them ofcourse i would say hello. If they want to judge me then its fine by me, it makes no difference. I always thought they were losers and i guess i will always keep on thinking they are losers. But the difference between us is that i never voiced it to them or made them feel it. I believe they made me into who i am right now and i am very happy about it.

Last night while i was wandering around, i came across this one piece of music that just calmed me down. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in music.

This clip for some reason hits a spot in me which Jon Schmidt has always had the capability of doing. That brings out the greatness in his talent. Its called Love story meet Viva La vida (Taylor Swift and Coldplay)

Enjoy it. This is a great song that just brings all the emotions in me and makes me realize that im such a lucky person to somehow in someway always get what i want in life. This song is dedicated for you shashike and to all you guys from the C class.


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