Books worth the Time



If there’s one thing that i believe is NOT a waste of time.. its READING. I used to try and give it a shot to write way back then.. but i never seemed to have the patience… but reading is just something that calms me.. people who know me find it quite hard to believe that i would sit in a corner and be quiet for more than a few minutes since im usually a very loud person.. but thats just how i am… I know most of these books mentioned below wont be what everyone is looking to see but depending on which one i remember im gonna add it in.. anyone is free to make recommendations and ill be glad to add in.

Unforgettable books

Princess Trilogy
Thorn Birds
Gone with the Wind
Kite Runner
Memoirs of Geisha
Jemima J
Pride & Prejudice
Schindler’s List
Not Without my Daughter
Da Vinci Code
Angels & Demons
God of Small Things
The Osama Bin Laden I know
Wuthering Heights
The Scarlet Letter
To kill a Mocking Bird
Girl Next Door
Harry Potter 🙂
Anna Karenina

Theres soo much more but i just cant seem to remember any at this moment..


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