What went wrong with Prison Break



There’s always that one great show that gets everyone wound up… for me there are many.. im an avid enthusiast of any show on tv… i mean i watch cartoons and even anime to the extent that im totally addicted to it… I cant stay a minute without watching it. Right now i have to sit for my exams next week. But i still go home and have a list of planned programmes scheduled to watch. Today its CSI… so anyway i finished watching the last two episodes of Prison Break yesterday. All i can say is firstly im damn happy its over.. secondly……… what??????????????????

The original prison break script was written for just two seasons. Thats why the first two were just out of this world. The excitement in watching them. Just to wait and see what michael scofield had up his sleeves was just crazy… and i guess every single prison break fan waited episode after episode impatiently. The first two seasons were just perfect. And i guess afterwards when the money started pouring in the studios decided to extend its run. For me thats where they just went wrong. They took them to panama.. kept them in some god for saken jail.. then released then… then they worked for the givernment.. and then they got two timed and now they started taking revenge… oh wait.. its not over yet aned then out of the ashes rises… their dead mother…. does all this remind you of something… it does for me…. a SOAP OPERA… but me being me i still kept on watching it… couldnt stop… needed to know what happened… and then the news was released that they were gonna axe the show… i felt relieved though afterwards coz i knew it had to end at some point… it was great…. at the end things started happening like they should have… people started dying more often.. and theodore bagwell just stayed on like a bad penny. But do you know what killed me most of all… michael had some tumour thing or something they just couldnt fix.. and in season four they got the best doctors ever and they fixed it… and then when everything was fine.. when everyone was just perfect. Michael was going to be a father and all that…. THEY WENT AND KILLED HIM!!!!!!!! i hated the ending…. it was horrible… you dont kill the guy who made all this happen… wheres the happily ever after?????? what good is it????? where did all my wasted time go? sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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  1. dude. you clearly havent watched the film ” the final break ”

    it has the missing piece 🙂

    it was the perfect ending to prision break. you should get your hands on it asap.

  2. dude. you clearly havent watched the film ” the final break ”

    it has the missing piece 🙂

    it was the perfect ending to prison break. you should get your hands on it asap.

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