What i hate about Working….


Entertainment Blog Directory Everyday you wake up… day in day out…. its the same thihng all over again.. nothing changes… nothing ever will…. unless you just leave this miserable life one day and just vanish?? is that something you would like?? i would… sometimes i wish i could just walk away from things.. family.. work.. love life.. just go somewhere far away.. rest.. relax.. have some fun. There are some lucky bastards out there who have the priviledge to say that they have done all that… well i hate them all…..

I used to love what i did… my first ever working experience was the best.. the people i met.. were just remarkable.. they cristened me into a whole new different level of a world. After that i thought of venturing into the good old world of advertising. Funnily enough life became even better there. I loved it…. the people i met.. the things i got to do… i just loved everything.. But there always comes a time when u want more…. when things just need to be better… when life needs to be more for you with a lot more money.. not that thye money part ever came for me….

The new place i am in iv been in for the past 3 years.. I love it here because of the fact that its the only place that showed me exactly what i want to do in life….. SEO, PR, Events. I loved it here… till they made me the boss… sighh… i probably have the greatest team in the world.. but the feeling of never been appreciated… Working for an IT company is tough specially when your in the marketing department… when all the engineers think you dont have any work… just coz u believe in having a bit of fun while you work…

The appreciation in this organization is never there… and probably never will be there…. does it kill me sometimes??? yes all the times.. do i have a choice?? to a certain extent no.. i never did……


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