The past and new beginnings…


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Coming from a country like Sri Lanka we have always been taught and brought up to the extent that we have to always mind our manners and be in tune with societies needs. Since i was small my parents have always been strict. Strict to the extent that i never got to go out… i use to find some solace in my life onoly when i went to work coz that was the only bit of freedom i have ever been able to have.

In my life i have had the priviledge of been with 4 guys. A small number i know but thats the best i have for so far. The first one turned out to be a psychotic gorrilla. He didnt let me do anything and was soo possessive to the extent that i wasnt allowed to go to the next door shop. As my friend mark beautifully put it… “it was like jungle jane caged” 🙂 mark was always a great person when it came to these things. Anyway he and i lasted a great MONTH. lol…..

Then came along the second one. The cool guy.. didnt let anything falter him.. took things at a slow pace but also was intelligent in his own secretive way. But there was something about him that always bugged me.. so after 3 months i called it quits… didnt think it was right…. he went to the extent of hacking my emails and sending it around.. immature i know but i let him play.. boys must have their fun i say…..

Afterwards.. (You must know all this happened in a matter of months) i met THE guy…. at that time i thought he was the love of my life.. everything seemed perfect. His sister and i became the best of friends.. she was my everything.. she and i shared stories we never have… although they lived in canada we did do long distance.. things were perfect between him and me.. after 3 years together we thought of marriage and the works…. i knew his parents were not very happy of me coz of my religion bt as long as he loved me i didnt care… I always felt something different with him that i just couldnt exactly put my finger to.. even though he never treated me alll that great… i always believed he would change…

During our fourth year… that fateful day arrived… the day i met “HIM”.. the guy who swept me off my feet and made me notice and see things i never thought was possible… the guy who treated me like every other girl gets treated by their doting boyfriends… the guy who helped me through rough patches… always held my hand… made me happy,.. showed me what its like to be with someone like him…. that is when i realized that i no longer loved my present boyfriend. He and i have been having lots of terrible fights and it wasnt going well… been through a million breaks and always got back coz i was scared of  a future where i wouldnt know what would happen. With him i knew exactly what to expect. Sometimes i guess as humans it helps us a lot when we know know what to expect. But i chose to evade it all and break up.

As you may know my parents are crazy strict so they were definitely rooting for my ex. Eventhough no one knew about my present relationship. My parents made my life a living hell… but i was always greatful that “he” was there for me..right now we have officially been together for about 1 year eventhough its been 3 already 🙂 The feelings great… im discovering things i never have with him.. he makes my heart flutter as they say…. he has been my only source of hapiness rfor a long time.. and i love him for everything…. and he has made me the happiest girl alive… and i hope it lasts and he doesnt leave me one day……


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