Memoirs of a FAILED Clan Lord


The following note is based on the real life story of Mark and his pussy detectives.(Nothing to get excited, pussy detectives here means lame ass detectives)

It’s quite disheartening to see someone fall…. And fall HARD too I must say. In the life of Muditha.. or as he calls himself MARK…. (First key sign of him living in denial – even though he does accept that the name “Mark” is more appealing to men) things have always been a rollercoaster ride. It began within his first year on this planet when his mother so carelessly dropped him down a flight of stairs and cracked his little infant head…. Although Muditha(Doesn’t muditha sound like a really cool name?) survived that horrifying experience but had to always walk around with an imbalance in his head.

He later tried to fill that unevenness in his life by going out with girls who were either disproportionate in size, brains and looks…. He always thought in his little screwed up world that he was one day destined to do miracles(like all imbalanced people do)….. This stage of denial carried on to the extent that he went out with girls he believed he could “FIX”(yes that is “Fix” not a “quick fix” cause his cool name appealed only to the men). After countless failures in this division he thought of taking some innocent well to do kids(All the kids were fair in complexion) and destroying their lives. So he started up the so called “FEAR” clan. The tagline of the group “Friends Efficiently Armed To Rape” should prove to everyone why they say mark is “GAY”

Undoubtedly everyone who knows mark has been assured that he is Gay. The reason he lets every tom, dick and harry join the team is because he wanted variation in the amount of boys he can touch. What’s sad is that all these kids joined with the hope of one day being the best in the games they loved to play(Computer Games that is…….)… but mark has shattered it all…..(The Games he played weren’t computer games) Because of his messed up life, he chooses to abandon the team whenever he wanted to….. his reason being every time he is back is “I’m the Clan Lord… its MY Team” (Clan Lord??? WTF??? This is starting to sound like the Lord of the Rings).

Oh…mark mark MARK… when will you learn… Everyday you are surrounded by wise individuals like Nigel….(ok, not the best example, but I am too humble to put myself here) And you still fail to grasp a few key facts from him…. Standing up for little short shits saying their your sister is going to get you nowhere specially when those little tots won’t recognize you in a few years… They say she learns psychology… is that true??? Well obviously she didn’t learn very well because if that was the case knowing she was the youngest thing out of the lot she wouldn’t have run her mouth knowing that we will destroy her. But then again maturity comes in and that’s why breaker backed off…….

I believe this all comes down to that little boy who fell down from the stairs…. And had to beg for his friend’s affection…. That little crack in your head mark really helped you screw everyone else’s heads as well……..


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  1. oh em gee… what pity mark.. oldest dota pedophile in sl.. way to go bro =).. SO who is your youngest victim?? :p nuwan or trehan?? who won the penis contest? 😀 (nothing personal dont get offended)


      ** gets his sexii sword out of the armory **

      This means war… Let no germ be left standing :p


  2. My dear misgiuded, misinformed little bacterial fungus. How you’ve managed to actually create this tale of fiction is astounding in itself, to us all. You never cease to amaze with your literary skills. You must be totally in awe with yourself, and quite deservingly so.

    However, it makes me wonder whether you’re all there (You know mentally) Maybe, (And its a good thing you weren’t) dropped down a flight of steps or even one step for that matter, by your mother, because that would have rendered you brain dead, terminal or demented, (None of us would wish that for you) but… it’s quite obvious with the efforts you’re making that you’re undoubtedly serious and making very steady progress towards it anyways, (and with no help from your mother at all) Tough luck. she must be MAD… Ooops I mean.. annoyed with you, (Madness is not heriditary, it jut stems from oneself) that she cannot share in the glory of your secret ambition towards consistant eccentricity being gradually realized. Hard luck again.

    Now, now you must not take out your anger on sweet old Muditha after, if he was, as your vivid imagination suggests, dropped as a child, right on his nogging, he wasn’t to blame was he? He can at least plead insanity by accident, you, however…. I shudder to think.

    My main issue, of course being an ardent animal lover.. (Oh! I better explain! Because I do understand and sympathize with the capacity of your brain and its limitations, you must still be exhausted by compiling this fairytale – So for the record – “No that does not mean I make love to animals” -)

    Having said that, and talking of “tails,” I despise the fact that you have involved a third party in your bitter accusations and personal propoganda campaign of vengeance against Muditha aka Mark. Insulting him, is one thing but insulting poor, poor defenceless pussy (Cat) Is well, ..just simply not on at all.

    Who gives you the right to insult poor pussy (Cat)? You, imply that mark is the leader of the pussies there indirectly leading us to believe and confirm that Mark is a firm pussy (Cat) lover… and WHAT, is wrong with that?

    Poor pussy (Cat) All it want’s to do is, purr and snuggle up to you seeking comfort and attention, and here you insulting poor, poor pussy (Cat). and HOW can you call poor pussy (Cat) Dumb-assed, i wonder? I’m sure you can tell us though, as you seem to know pussy (Cats) far more than any of us. And, if the verdict is true, Mark is much better off with the guys, coz who on earth would want to settle for a dumb ass pussy (Cat)?

    Anyways… Muditha – Mark, together create quite a fascinating balance for ” Gaming” as it were… If he likes pussy (Cat) Good for him, it’s you weré worried about.
    Coz no woman doubts the power of pussy (Cats) on their men.

    So the question is, are you really a woman at all. or are you… frighteningly, a man in the guise?, if so, well, then… that would undeniably explain the jealousy and fascination you have with Muditha also called Mark.

    • When i started reading your comment.. (which i was warned about before hand) i loved it…. it was awesome… and soo hilarious.. i was telling mark all about it and i found it quite amusing… eventhough he didnt tell me who u are (i didnt care much… i just wanted to know if you were a hot female.. which i doubt coz ppl mark associates with generally arent) i was quite confused about ur sex too… you know how you asked me if i was a man in disguise?? well all i can say is.. i would have prefered nothing but just that 🙂 anyway i didnt quite get why u were rambling idiotically about ur pussy… or whatever.. it was just a waste of space and time from your end.. not like i care anyway.. but all in all… superb writting… and if you are a girl.. then i think u and muditha are perfect for each other. 🙂

  3. Yes!!! finally someone is fighting on my side xD

    “My dear misgiuded, misinformed little bacterial fungus”


    Priceless :p

  4. Pol Thel 🙂 Mark pwnd !!

    Who’s the weed smoker dude? One of Marks “boys”?

    He commented as much as the original post 😀

  5. 18 | Mark
    July 28, 2009 at 10:03 am
    @ satan/nuwan,
    you noob! u cant leave FEAR :p


  6. omfg why is this so intellectual?? bloody hell! hard to grasp :P.. btw who is LoL ?? gonthadi muusala balla =)

  7. Oh so you are one of the 32A, completely retarded, ugly creatures (oh and not forget obviously dysfunctional) you speak of in ur post. In case it doesn’t ‘click’, let me quote, “He later tried to fill that unevenness in his life by going out with girls who were either disproportionate in size, brains and looks” btw just because it applies to you does not mean you can generalize!!
    It seems like Mark played you left right and center and you had absolutely no idea about it and this is your way of getting back at him but don’t worry it’s going to be ok. I know he probably didn’t fit your Brian Adams – All for Love type of guy =P I’m sure it might’ve been so if you were only even a bit functional in the physical aspect of the female species; He wouldn’t have had to resort to other means purely on the basis that you couldn’t provide him what he wanted, so you can’t blame him for wanting what he wanted.

    P.S- mark doesn’t know me, I’m just an adamant fan =) Secret Admirer of some sort 😀

    • My poor child.. you seem to be gravely mis informed. Now i know why you say you dont know mark and i have nothing to do BUT believe you. If you actually DID know him then you would have known that i was NOT one of his so called… hmmmm what is the word… women… Mark and i are just friends kind mortal… If you knew me and mark then you wouldnt have said about him playing me left right and centre. 🙂 i think next time you wouldnt look like such an idiot if you did your research properly ok? 🙂 I found your last comment hilarious.. lol…i dont even wanna say anything about it coz its making me laugh too much. Thanks for stopping by again…

  8. Hmmm…. I think soon he’s goin to change da name FEAR into some GEAR or smtin (Gays Efficiently Armed to Rape) 😛

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