My entry into blogging………


Directory of Books BlogsI was never a person who was keen to sit down in one place and write about all this nonsense that was happening in my life. I for one think that most bloggers who blog about useless information are just downright jobless…. I recently came across a blog that was written by a girl who called herself passionately patient and she added quite a interesting creative peice of writing… that got me hooked…. what followed in the next few days in the world of Kottu was just unimaginable. Hilarious to be honest. There were people who claimed the stories were written about them…. some may think this is just a mere ploy to increase the hits on their blogs and probably to liven up their sad pathetic lives. I honestly think its both. They attacked that girl to the extent that she gracefully bowed down and walked away from the world of blogging, even after repeatedly saying it was all fictional. I chose to believe that innocent blogger. Frankly because the comments that came out afterwords about the so called girl written in the story were quite shocking. I guess even to this moment i find it very hard to believe that some girls can be that cheap. The blog battle became slanderous and insulting…. as a third party observer i found all of this quite entertaining and childish. Its funny to what extent some people might go just to get more hits on their blogs and cheapen themselves in the process.

Anyway that made me open my eyes…. there are soo many things each one of us have to discuss about regardless of the petty things many people talk about. So i thought of making my debut to blogging 🙂 hopefully i wont bore most of you with my less interesting topics in comparison to others talking about how they smoked up and got high and about their sad pathetic sex lives. All i can say is I hope i can keep my viewers interested for sometime.


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